When we learn how to grow and prepare our own food, we learn to feed the planet. When we clothe ourselves and create our own shelter, we learn to provide warmth for others. When we nurture and care for the people around us, we build community. When we tell stories, when we listen, we create society.


Now. Imagine learning all this, slowly, deeply, thoughtfully.

Imagine a vegetable garden – your vegetable garden, that you have tended from seed to harvest. Imagine using the carrots and squash that you have grown to prepare a meal to share with friends.

Imagine yourself in the forest. You select and fell a tree, then saw and plane it into boards that you use to build a shelter for the animals that sustain you. You cut and split wood, then kindle it in the stove that will warm you as it lights up the night.

Imagine the softness of wool shorn from the lamb that you have tended since it was born, wool that you will spin and knit into warm mittens and hats for the winter.

Imagine learning to run a business as you extract honey and sell it at farmer’s markets, make handcrafted salves, develop marketing strategies and track budgets and inventory.

Imagine helping a local school create a garden and healthy breakfast program for children who would otherwise start the day hungry. Imagine an issue you have come to care about deeply. Now imagine the documentary film you have created showing at a local film festival and sparking changes that help that issue.

 Imagine welcoming visitors to the farm and being able to answer their questions, confidently and with authority.

Imagine a group of young people from around the world, living together, caring for each other, sharing stories, creating life-long friendships.

Imagine yourself as an integral part of Watershed Farm Project.