Participants between the ages of 18 and 23 are invited to apply to the Watershed Farm Project.

We expect that participants will be people who are interested in learning about themselves, how the world works and how they can become agents of positive change.

Acquisition of a range of confidence-building practical skills is as fundamental to our program as the experience of becoming an essential part of a caring, supportive international community.

Participants will be involved in the physical work of growing crops and tending to animals every day, regardless of weather. They will also share fully in the preparation of meals and upkeep of the communal living space.

Participants will be responsible for various aspects of a number of farm-based businesses and should share an active desire to learn skills associated with marketing and entrepreneurship.

Finally, all participants will be expected to participate fully in the learning curriculum and to interact respectfully with the Project’s teachers and mentors as well as visitors, friends and associates of the Watershed Farm Project.