Pilot Project Year 2019

In the summer of 2018 we began to transition our focus in an intentional way towards the creation of the full-fledged project that we plan to bring to the farm. The result was an amazing season of growth that included instruction in forestry skills and chainsaw use, basic carpentry and design skills, chickens and eggs and more chickens, loads of hands-on farming work including selling at farmer’s markets, gorgeous and delicious feasts with great conversations and well attended tours of the farm.

As Watershed Farm evolves into its future we are welcoming participants to join us and become part of the journey.

The Pilot Project Year of 2019 is now accepting interested applicants who can commit to a period of no less than two months as we continue to formulate all of the complex and simple parts that will make up the whole experience of being a participant at Watershed Farm Project.

Tuition costs for the Pilot Project are $1000 for two months. This includes room and board, instruction, lessons in practical farm skills, and so much more.

Our vision for the 2019 year begins with our hiring of the farm manager who will assume many of the day to day responsibilities of farm management with oversight of the animals and crops.

Our plan for 2019 is to accept a small cohort of participants each committing to no less than a two-month period anytime between April and December. Our plan is to continue together the work of shaping the program for the following year and beyond. The rhythm of the day will be looser than the one presently suggested for the program itself but participants should expect to be involved in a minimum of six hours a day in work directly related to food production, animal care, food prep, beekeeping, seed saving, carpentry, etc. We will spend some time on a weekly basis considering the programming and work together as a group to create the most responsive way to reflect the needs of the participants.

Planning and assisting in the construction of some basic infrastructure may well be part of the Pilot Project Year. We will consider how best to use the existing spaces at the farm and how to create the new spaces necessary to accommodate more participants in the future. While we have farmed using Biodynamic principles for years, this will be the year when we pursue our status as a certified Organic and Biodynamic farm. There will be a number of necessary tasks associated with that certification which the participants will take on as we move the farm ever closer to realizing its potential. In addition, we will be moving through the process of incorporating a non-profit entity to act as the umbrella organization for the entire project and work towards gaining charitable status so that we can benefit from grants and donations to offset tuition costs.

Join us during our Pilot Project Year 2019 as we shape the future while living fully in the present.

Full Project Year 2020

Participants between the ages of 18 and 23 are invited to apply to the Watershed Farm Project.

We expect that participants will be people who are interested in learning about themselves, how the world works and how they can become agents of positive change.

Acquisition of a range of confidence-building practical skills is as fundamental to our program as the experience of becoming an essential part of a caring, supportive international community.

Participants will be involved in the physical work of growing crops and tending to animals every day, regardless of weather. They will also share fully in the preparation of meals and upkeep of the communal living space.

Participants will be responsible for various aspects of a number of farm-based businesses and should share an active desire to learn skills associated with marketing and entrepreneurship.

Finally, all participants will be expected to participate fully in the learning curriculum and to interact respectfully with the Project’s teachers and mentors as well as visitors, friends and associates of the Watershed Farm Project.

Tuition costs for 2020 will be determined by donations and grants over the next twelve months. Tuition costs will be provided as soon as they can be accurately calculated.