Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between community members who want to eat healthy, fresh and seasonal local food and the farmers who want to get to know their community. This partnership allows the farmers to feel supported in their work of producing food, revitalizing the soil and constantly improving the diversity and health of all living beings on their farm.

My name is Devon Floyd and this is my first season as Farm Manager at Watershed Farm. I am eager to get the gardens underway and have already planted out the greenhouses while the snow was still flying. I want to be certain that I can offer you a wide range of items each week.

As this is my first year getting to know the soil and climate, I have chosen to start the CSA with a first delivery in mid-June. The CSA runs every week for twenty weeks so your last delivery will be at the end of October.

Our delivery day will be Tuesday and we currently have a drop off locations in Halifax and in Bridgewater. Our weekly delivery is valued at $25 so registering for the entire 20-week season amounts to only $500 – not much for fresh healthy food, harvested within 24 hours of our delivery to you!

Our CSA offerings are delivered to you in an attractive insulated bag so that the produce stays as fresh as possible. In addition to the CSA, $10 is added so that we can buy 3 bags on your behalf. Each bag will have a personalized nametag on them. We ask that you return your empty bag each week when you pick up your new weekly delivery.

There are a few add-ons that you can consider including when ordering your CSA including farm fresh eggs from our free-range hens who are fed organic laying mash (no GMO’s for our birds ever!). The eggs cost $6.50 a dozen and you will receive your fresh eggs each week in your bag. The total cost for the 20 weeks of eggs will be $130 which would be added to the CSA price.

Starting around May we hope to also have bouquets of cut flowers all raised in our organic and biodynamic garden. Later in the season we may have some other add-ons including fresh berries and fruit, pickles and other edible treats so stay tuned for more options.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send us an email or visit us every Thursday at the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market.